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Established in 1951 Frost Insurances Ltd is one of Ireland’s leading insurance broker companies that provides products for all types of Life and General Products and also Mortgages. We are insurance brokers that specialize in Builders Insurance and Trade Insurance products and have one of the best Self Build Insurance products available in the market.

One of Ireland’s Leading Insurance Broker Companies

In the event of a claim we will service claims all the way through so you do not have to worry about wordings and legal argument. We are insurance brokers with years of experience writing policy wordings, policy documents and proposal contracts and also dealing with claims handlers both from the liability and property damage side we will see that your case is dealt with professionally, fairly and have you informed about developments.

Leading Insurance Brokers

Here at Frost Insurances we are Insurance Brokers that negotiate on your behalf with Insurance Companies into getting the best deal and price for our clients whether it be on a past declaration adjustments, claim settlement or premium. All in all we will take the total bother about Insurance away from you from Start to Finish and let you get on with what you do best … Your business!!

Download Frost Underwriting Product Guide

Download Frost Underwriting Product Guide

Schedule of Fees:

Frost Insurances Ltd T/a Frost Insurances, Frost Underwriting is remunerated by commission on non life insurance and may charge a brokerage fee of up to 50% depending on the class of business and commission arrangements if any with the product producers.

Frost Insurances Ltd t/a Frost Insurances, Frost Underwriting is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

Self Build

Having Self Build Insurance cover is one of the first things that should be sought before you build or renovate your home. Frost Insurances Ltd specialise in this form of building Insurance....
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Property Owner / Landlord

Insurance for landlords and property owners...
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•Damage to Property for Fire Lightning, Explosion, Storm, Flood Burst Pipes •Impact Damage, Malicious Damage, Riot Civil Commotion, Aircraft Damage and Accidental Damage • Loss of Money, Hold Up...
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Guest Houses / B & B Insurance

This is a specially designed policy for Guest House and B and B proprietors...
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Retail Insurance

We have a policy that is very comprehensive and provides you with peace of mind so you can do what you do best run your business. If something does go wrong like having water damage or a breakin we a...
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Insurance For Green Field Sites / Land

Insurance for Green Field Sites of Land...
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Mobile Catering & Catering Trailers

Do you have trouble finding an insurer who understands your mobile catering trailer insurance needs?...
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Management Estate Insurance

Cover for the common areas housing estates as required by Management Companies...
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Unoccupied Property/ Vacant Property Insurance

For properties awaiting tenants, in probate, being left long term vacant awaiting development or simply just unoccupied we have a Insurance solution for you...
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Office Insurance

Office Insurance for business big and small...
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