Project Description


Preventing the domino effect
Data leaks and data losses can lead to regulatory fines and PR nightmares, while attacks could lead to shut-down servers and loss of both confidence and profits. Our Insurance provides a package of protection that includes insurance and specialist advice.

24/7 Response
Our Cyber Protection Breach Response Team will access information assurance experts as well as a leading law firm to offer consultancy that can respond in a crisis and help our clients take the best course of action.

Fines and investigations cover
This includes data administrative investigations and fines from data protection regulators that are insurable at law.

Protecting reputations
Cyber incident response services include PR repair of company and individual reputations, breach coaching and any breach of information notification and monitoring costs

Electronic data cover
This includes data restoration, recollection and recreation following a security breach or data leak.

Designed especially around the risk
Our Cyber Protection is designed to respond to a variety of cyber risk exposures not covered under conventional casualty insurances.


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  • Data Liability
    Covers the financial consequences of losing or mis-appropriating customer or employee data
  • Crisis Management and Breach Coaching
    Provides access to a cyber-incident response team from industry specialists and covers the PR costs of reducing the damage it could cause to your reputation. Includes forensic services following a data breach; assistance to repair company and individual reputations; breach coaching and associated notification costs
  • Administrative Obligations
    Covers the potentially significant costs and expenses of a data protection regulator’s investigation and fines following data security breaches
  • Electronic Data
    Covering the costs of restoring, recollecting or recreating data after a leak or breach